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Prairie Magic:

"Exciting, witty, and interesting book! The story is so engrossing. I love the authentic characters, and how they handle each other in such unexpected ways. Oh, how I'd love to gallop across a meadow with Tokada Good Elk! The twists and turns inspired my imagination, and swept me right into the book. The knowledge of the Tarot, Rune Stones, Essential Oils and ancient wisdom was captivating. I sure didn't see the end of this book coming, and I cannot wait to read the next book!"

1 November 18, 2014
"Warm, funny characters you'll care about and root for as they learn ways to get their lives back on track. A setting you want to visit. People you want to hang out with. A writer who knows her stuff. Can't wait to read the next book in the series!"

5.0 out of 5 stars Bravo!, Jan 22, 2015
"I usually read only mainstream best selling authors/books or classics due to limited reading time. In 2015 I vowed to open my mind and explore books that introduce new ideas and ways of thinking while also delivering a fulfilling story line. This book was a great choice! In the first few chapters, I, like the character Victor, dismissed much of it as "New Age mumble jumbo". But I suspended my skepticism and curled up and got into the warm characters that Ms. Pillen brings to life. I was intrigued to find that Rune and Tarot wisdom could be valid in today's society and is probably the cornerstone to much the positive mental attitude training I've always tried to incorporate in my own life. Like learning any new culture; when we embrace and understand the differences, the more we discover we have in common."

​"I believe this book can hit you where you currently "are". There are so many nuggets of knowledge, almost everyone will find valuable takeaways. My biggest one was the value of complete forgiveness of those who wrong us, a lesson I am currently struggling with. Luckily, this book is not always about is funny too, with a fantastic innocence that reminds you of the few good jokes you can tell children.
Rebel Synopsis

Realizing he was lollygagging, Victor Garcia made a firm commitment to make it to Baggage Claim—pronto. To mark his point, he turned quickly and lunged forward in a bold step. To his surprise, he ran smack-dab into a solid, strong body. It felt like he hit a brick wall. A brick wall in snazzy moccasins, that is. 

“Whoa, cowboy,” Tokada Good Elk said as he steadied his stunned friend. “Let’s grab your bags and hit the road. We’re late to a funeral.”

“Funeral?” Victor was confused. During recent telephone conversations with his new love, Hope, nothing had been mentioned about a death. But then, he’d kept their chats brief because his return was meant to be a surprise. “Do you think she knows I’m coming?” Victor asked nervously.

“No, chief, she doesn’t know. But, you’re all she talks about these days.”

That evening, Rev. Aiyanna Eagle delivers an inspirational funeral service. Tokada’s son, Patwin, is charmed by the wise and stunning woman and feels strangely connected to her. After the service, she invites him to her office because she has something important to share with him. Before handing over a critical envelop, they discuss her upcoming mission to Mexico. Patwin is enthralled with the idea of dedicating himself to helping the less fortunate. At the close of their meeting, Aiyanna shares shocking news.

During the last six weeks of winter, Hope and Victor enjoy life as a couple. On the first day of spring, Tokada learns about a friend’s exciting plan to renovate a large Wyoming ranch into a camping resort. The next day, the Adventure Seekers team travels to Devils Tower to visit the property. Unfortunately, high hopes subside when they discovered deplorable conditions. Tokada, on the other hand, is impressed and envisions a thriving enterprise. Millionaire investors agree to fund the restoration, realizing this would be the perfect project to train the team to become excellent managers. The only hitch is a tight sixty-day timeframe and a young and inexperienced crew.

In late May, as the resort nears a successful grand opening, the exhausted troop gathers to celebrate. After the party, Patwin returns home to learn of a shocking tragedy. The gravity of the situation, combined with the truth about his relationship with Aiyanna, alters his life. Quickly, he gathers his belongings to make a midnight dash to Mexico.

Three years later, Liz Carrington returns to Prairie Magic resort after spending the day in magical Buffalo Grass. The next morning, she learns that her strained marriage had been seriously jeopardized by her husband’s lies and poor decisions. Stunned by bad news, she wanders the grounds until she is rescued and comforted by Patwin. Later that afternoon, a stunning black gelding saves the day by taking her on the ride of her life, helping her become resilient.

What new adventures await our characters in the wild, wild west? How will ancient wisdom combat modern problems? Read all about it in A Fork in the Road. Yee-haw!

4 Visionary Fiction Novels
BASED in the beautiful Black Hills.
SPICED with adventure and fun.
POWERED by ancient wisdom.

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The award-winning Adventure Seekers Saga is a series of four visionary-fiction novels illustrated with original Hope’s Heart Tarot Cards. The fast-paced, witty story takes place in a setting you’d like to visit with characters you’d want to meet. Throughout the series, ancient wisdom combats modern-day problems as the characters muse about Tarot cards and moon over Rune stones.

Prairie MagicVisionary Fiction finalist in the Coalition of Visionary Resources award presented at the 2015 International New Age Show in Denver, is the first book of the saga and introduces an enlightened family who overcomes devastating loss, lives with courage and trusts in a higher power. Readers will fall in love with Rodeo Stars and Tarot Cards.

Rebel (book two) Visionary Fiction WINNER in the Coalition of Visionary Resources award contest features a stunning black steed whose very presence inspires courage. Excitement brews as a dream that was once left to die on the highway is resurrected in a most magical manner. Readers young and old will muster the courage to become rebels themselves. 

A Fork in the Road (book three) will be published in late 2016. The story describes a painful love triangle and an exciting Mexican rescue mission. Readers will learn more about the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and hang out with the Order of the Rising Phoenix, a biker gang whose compassionate members help each other survive illness and loss. The book delves into the real history behind Deadwood’s gold mining as Adventure Seekers search for lost treasures. Readers will cheer as favorite characters claim victory by conquering fears and disarming enemies. 

Scorpio (book four) will be published in 2017. Readers will learn who will marry and who will die as favorite characters lead extraordinary lives. Tears and joys await in this thrilling conclusion to an exciting saga. 

Hope’s Heart Tarot Cards featuring original art and interpretations, illustrate the books. Currently, 22 cards are complete. The entire 78-card deck will be available in 2018. 
Meet Joan Pillen!
Award winning author of The Adventure Seekers Saga!
Hope’s Heart Tarot Cards
By Joan Pillen
Featuring original art and interpretations, illustrated in the books. Currently, 22 cards  are complete. This unique, round deck of 78-cards will be available in 2018! 
The World 
(the last card of the Major Arcana)
A Note from the Author:

The Adventure Seekers Saga expresses many uplifting concepts in an enlightening and entertaining story. The content of the messages are based on my experience as a Reiki Master, Tarot reader, Rune stone thrower, Essential Oils practitioner and fresh juice enthusiast. 

Many aspects of the setting and storyline are founded on my life in the glorious Black Hills of South Dakota and decades of equestrian training. Through the years, I have come to appreciate the alchemy that can only come from working with horses. 

My real-world experience includes owning small businesses and holding an engineering degree and an MBA. 

Of all my endeavors, however, some of the greatest joys have come from creating this saga. 

Feel free to visit and click ‘Like’ on FaceBook at prairiemagicsd. You can reach me at (605) 499-8311 and
Prairie Magic Synopsis

Tokada Good Elk, world-famous author and horseman, stood still in the middle of a desolate South Dakota highway. Desperate for guidance, he stretched one hand up to the sky to ask Great Spirit for help while his other arm cradled the lone survivor of the atrocious crash—a frightened white puppy he had rescued from the stranger’s car. To his knowledge, the only other article left unscathed was a beeping radar detector grimly warning that time was running out. In order to keep his promise and protect “the secret,” he would need to disappear in a matter of seconds.

True to his pledge, the octogenarian hid a clandestine item in his vest. What will the future hold for him and his loved ones? Will their plans move forward? Or will dreams die on the highway with the rest of the family? 

Two-and-a-half years later, on a seemingly normal January day, life finally began to change for the better when good fortune arrived in the midst of hard work. Of course, opportunities were disguised as obstacles and windfalls camouflaged as inconvenience.

Meanwhile, 1,804 miles southeast in Florida, 54-year old physician Victor Garcia struggles with his only child, thirty-something Julio, who was in the throws of a spectacular failure to launch. Thanks to his son’s shenanigans, Victor found himself on a spur of the moment voyage north in the dead of winter. As fate would have it, a chance encounter with rodeo stars introduces him to the enchanting Good Elks and their beautiful and magical friend, Hope. 

During his short stay, Victor experiences a wild-west rodeo, plays the organ for 10,000 screaming fans and delivers twin foals in a blizzard. He helps the Adventure Seekers revive their dreams and is instrumental in setting the stage for Tokada to disclose his secret. While confirming his flight home, he admires Hope as she interacts with her family at the breakfast table. Enthralled by the beautiful scene, he secretly decides to book a return trip.

Although their relationship is new, he is willing to re-arrange his entire life to be with her.  
Three yeas later, Liz Carrington of Boston, Massachusetts, enjoys the fruits of our heroes’ labor by taking her husband and kids on the Family Circle Adventure Tours, a six-stop RV trip through the Old West. During their stint at the Prairie Magic Resort, she manages to escape her family for an afternoon of alone time. She looks forward to shopping in the New Age town of Buffalo Grass. After spending a few hours with our favorite characters in their unique establishments, she feels empowered and inspired. On her way back to camp, she notices a statue of an Indian on a Pinto. Who is he? she wonders about the majestic rider. Her short visit to the intriguing town helps her find resolve to improve her life.

What new adventures await our characters in the wild, wild west? How will ancient wisdom combat modern problems? Read all about it in Rebel. Yee-haw!
Amazon Book Reviews: 
Prairie Magic (cont.)​ 

It moves quickly, reads easily and actually wraps up loose ends, (a frustration I often have with even best selling authors. Nice to see a 1st time author get it right). And of course, it did remind me I'm over due for a spa day :-) Pick it up and give it some time. I'm sure you will be glad you did."

4.0 out of 5 stars Mystery on the range., November 24, 2014
By marisa 
I was immediately drawn into the saga of the Hanson family and their diverse community of friends and foes. Adventure Seekers is set in the sacred Black Hills of western South Dakota where the rugged buttes and Badlands are characters in themselves. Ms. Pillen makes the drama of ranching with a dream come alive on the page with her vivid depictions of rural conflicts and resolutions. You will be entranced with the tragedy and mystery that surrounds Hope Hanson and her family and the journey they take will leave you wanting more. I highly recommend this first time author's book, Prairie Magic and look forward to many more to come.

5.0 out of 5 stars A real treat..., December 3, 2014
By Ruth Delfeld Verified Purchase)
My biggest takeaway was the refreshingly wholesome humor, a much appreciated change from the snarky prose favored by writers these days. Whether you are familiar with the "fly over" states, or not, you can literally feel the chinook winds and smell the pine. Plus I loved the characters; not many books can feature both John Wayne and Christopher Columbus.

5.0 out of 5 stars Like it, November 29, 2014
By Phyl "bonnie's mom" ( Hawley , MN United States ) Verified Purchase
Very good book. I enjoyed it.
Prairie Magic (back cover)
Victory - 6 of Wands (minor arcana)
Cleverness - 7 of Wands
(minor arcana)
The Empress 
(the third card of the Major Arcana)
The Fool (the first card of the Major Arcana)
The High Priestess 
(the second card of the 
Major Arcana)
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