4 Visionary Fiction Novels
BASED in the beautiful Black Hills.
SPICED with adventure and fun.
POWERED by ancient wisdom.
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Four Visionary Fiction Novels 
by Joan Pillen

BASED in the Old West - SPICED with Adventure - POWERED by Ancient Wisdom
The award-winning Adventure Seekers Saga is a series of four visionary-fiction novels illustrated with original divination cards. The fast-paced, witty story takes place in a setting you’d like to visit with people you’d want to meet. Throughout the series, ancient wisdom combats modern-day problems as the characters muse about Tarot cards and moon over Rune stones. Saddle up for a rollicking ride to self-realization!
(Book One) of The Adventure Seekers Saga

2015 Visionary Fiction Finalist  
Coalition of Visionary Resources contest

Featured at the 2015 International New Age Show
(Book Two) of The Adventure Seekers Saga

2016 Visionary Fiction Winner
Coalition of Visionary Resources contest

Featured at the 2016 International New Age Show
Adventure Seekers Saga Divination Cards
by Joan Pillen

LEARN from easy to read messages - EXPLORE ancient wisdom - TAP INTO courage, dignity and confidence
The Wisdom of the Elder FURThARK

24-card deck of Norwegian Rune Symbols
to be published 2016
The Wisdom of the Tarot

78-card deck
to be published 2017